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Wedding bouquets, memorial flowers, anniversary blooms or just a few special cuttings from your garden. In all of my creations I hope to make something that you can cherish for a lifetime. Something that moves around the various shelves and corners of your home for years.

Please read through all of the information provided and get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page. I really look forward to hearing from you.

* Currently taking bookings for July, August and September 2024 only *

How it works

Please get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page, so we can discuss your commission.

A deposit is taken to secure your date and I will then add you to my calendar and send details on how best to package and post your flowers.

Once I have received your flowers, I will carefully cut the stems, put them back in water for a few hours, and press them to dry for 4-8 weeks. I will regularly check on their progress during this time.

When your flowers are all ready, I will send you a photo of how they have come out and then you can decide on what you would like me to create and we can start discussing designs*.

After finalising your order, I will write up an invoice for you to review and complete your final payment. Your flowers will then be safely stored and I will add your name to my Making Queue which I update weekly.

Once completed, I will clean, polish, and carefully package your new keepsakes for shipping. I will confirm your address before sending and once you receive your order, all that's left is for you to find the perfect place for it in your home. Don't forget to send me photos, I love to see them!

* Please see below for more information on the design process 'Important Stuff - 7.'

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The Important Stuff

1. I currently only take bookings for the next three months ahead. For example, if you wedding is December 12th 2024, please get in touch anytime after September 12th, 2024 to secure your booking.

2. Not all flowers are great for pressing. Bouquets that are solely made up of one type of flower, or heavily feature large-headed flowers such as Lilies, Orchids, Dahlias, Tulips etc. are mostly unsuitable for my designs. A few of those stems in a large bouquet is absolutely fine. The best bouquets are filled with lots of variety and foliage. If you are unsure if yours is suitable please send me your florist’s proposal and I can advise.

3. To Secure your booking, a deposit will be taken upfront and this covers The Flower Pressing Charge (£85 for a full bouquet/£35 for 10 stems or less). The rest of your a payment is not due until your flowers are dry (4-8 weeks after I receive them) and we have confirmed your final order. All payments are processed through my website.

4. Your flowers can be sent in the post or delivered in person. I will provide you with detailed instructions on how best to package and send your flowers.

5. All of my items are created using traditional stained glass techniques and everything can be finished with antique copper, silver or black edges.

6. Almost every part of flower preservation is a slow and meticulous craft, and one that cannot be rushed. I am a one-person-band and so the process does take time. I aim to complete your order within 6 months of your final invoice being paid. However, in particularly busy periods I may go over this. I have a Making Queue on my website which is updated weekly so you can easily access where your order is at all times along the process. With me, your flowers are in very safe hands, I adore my craft. However, if a speedy return is high up on your priorities, I may not be the artist for you.

7. * You will have complete control over the level of direction you provide for your final designs. You can leave all the creative decision making up to me, or you can provide specific, detailed instructions and I will do my utmost to bring your vision to life. Whatever works best for you. Due to the detailed and delicate nature of my work, I glue your flowers as I go which means I cannot provide a mock-up design and you will not be able to make changes once your item is sealed.

Get in touch

Please complete all of the relevant boxes below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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