How do I book a preservation?

Please read through all of the information provided on the Preservation Enquiries page and get in touch using the form at the bottom of that page.

How far in advance do you take new bookings?

I only take bookings for the next three months ahead. For example, if your wedding day is December 12th 2024, you can get in touch anytime after September 12th to secure your booking.

How much will it cost?

My prices are broken down into two parts; a flower pressing charge and the price of the individual items. Because of the variety of products that I offer the amount that each client spends differs greatly but I aim to cover a wide range of budgets. Items start from £28 for a single small hanging diamond.

Please see my Price List for more information.

When and how do I pay?

To secure your booking, a deposit will be taken upfront and this covers the flower pressing charge (£85 for a full bouquet/ £35 for 10 stems or less).

The rest of the payment is not due until your flowers are dry and we have confirmed your final order whereby I will send you a full itemised invoice.

All payments are payable through my website.

How many items can you make using the '10 stems or less option' on your Price List?

The 10 stems or less option will give me enough flowers for; one Regular Candle Holder, or Two Tea Light Holders, or up to three Hanging Diamonds (both size), or a Paper Posy (both sizes). For multiple items and all hanging frames 8" and over I will need a full bouquet, or equivalent.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Almost every part of my flower preservation is a slow and meticulous craft and one that cannot be rushed. I am a one-person-band with no intention to expand past that and so the process does take time.

I aim to complete your order within 6 months of your final invoice being paid. However, In particularly busy periods I may go over this. I have a Making Queue on my website which is updated weekly so you can easily access where your order is at all times.

With me, your flowers are in very safe and capable hands, I love my craft. However if a speedy return is high up on your priorities, I may not be the artist for you.

How should I send my flowers?

I will provide you with detailed instructions on how best to package and send your flowers. The majority of my clients choose to post their bouquets and I rarely encounter any issues as long as my simple guidelines are followed.

Can I drop my flowers off in person?

Yes. If you are local to Herefordshire, or if one of your wedding party is passing through on their way home, you can always drop your flowers off with me in person.

I am getting married abroad, can I send you my flowers?

Unfortunately I cannot accept bouquet preservations from outside of the UK and Channel Islands, even where express delivery is used.

If a member of your wedding party is travelling home the day after your wedding and is able to post them when they arrive back in the UK, this may be possible but please let me know when booking.

I dried my bouquet, can you still work with it?

Unfortunately most dried flowers are too fragile and thick for my handmade glass frames. I would be happy to recommend other artists that do work with dried flowers though so please get in touch.

What flowers are best for pressing?

Bouquets that are filled with lots of variety and foliage always work best. Most dainty, flat headed flowers (eg. Hydrangeas) press beautifully. My designs are filled with lots of details and layering so the more variety in shape and size the better.

If you are unsure if your flowers are suitable please include your florists proposal when booking and I can advise.

What types of bouquet are not suitable for pressing?

Bouquets that are solely made up of one type of flower, or heavily feature large-headed flowers such as Lilies, Peonies, Big Roses, Orchids, Dahlias and Tulips are mostly unsuitable for pressing. A few of those stems in a bouquet full of other flowers is absolutely fine.

All-white bouquets with no greenery or foliage are not suitable for pressing.

If you are unsure if your bouquet is suitable or not please get in touch and I can advise.

Will my flowers change colour?

Every flower presses differently and they do not always retain their colour exactly as they were when they were fresh.

White flowers tend to turn more vintagey-white or blonde, Reds deepen to a dark burgundy or sometimes purple colour and light blush pinks fade to creamy white.

Once your bouquet is pressed I will take a photo of all of the flowers for you so you can choose which ones you would like to feature heavily in your finished frame and others that you may want to keep out.

Will my flowers fade?

Yes, I do not colour correct or use any UV protection on my flowers so naturally they will slowly begin to fade in colour.

I personally find a lot of joy in the fact that they age along with you. They are a symbol of the passage of time.

I would like and item that is not listed on your price list, is this possible?

Yes, absolutely! I love experimenting with new ideas so if you have something in mind please let me know.

Going forward I have chosen to focus on smaller, more dainty items as these are my favourite things to make and suit my style best.

There was a time when I was making quite a few extra large A3 sized frames, but I no longer offer this size. I know other artists that do and would be happy to recommend.

Can I change or add to my order even after I have paid my invoice?

Yes. As long s I haven't started making your order yet I can easily make colour changes, or add more items to your invoice. Please check where you are in my Making Queue before getting in touch.

What do you do with the leftover flowers?

All left over flowers will be returned to you in an envelope, with your finished products. Scatter them somewhere special, like confetti, or get crafty with them yourself. (Send me photos! I love to see what you do with them)

Can I press my own flowers?

Yes! If you are unable to post your bouquet; I'm fully booked; or you just fancy giving it a go yourself, you can of course press your own flowers. There's no need to pay a deposit for this, or book in advance, just get back in touch when everything is dry and ready to send to me.


 All of my items are created using stained glass techniques and every thing is thoroughly cleaned and waxed before being sent. Here are some helpful tips to keep your items looking shiny.

 - Use a soft, dry cloth to dust your item occasionally and remove any marks on the glass. If using glass cleaner, do not spray directly onto the glass but instead spray lightly onto the cloth and then use.

- Do not submerge your item in water.

- To slow down the natural fading process of your flowers, keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from heat sources.

- Soldered edges can oxidise over time. You can apply a small amount of car wax to the frame to buff them where you see oxidisation.