About Lucy Laslett Designs

Hello! My name's Lucy, and I am the founder, maker, designer, cleaner and everything in between here at Lucy Laslett Designs.

From a young age I have loved to make and create and so over the years I've turned my hand to quite a few different crafts, always dreaming of selling my pieces and growing it into my full-time job.

There's something about crafting, building objects from scratch with your hands, that brings me so much joy and meaning. In 2019 I picked up my first soldering iron and became obsessed with glass work. Combining this with my love of nature, wandering around new places, and identifying things on the way, I now create one-of-a-kind glass pieces filled with pressed flowers.

Working out of my little spare-room-studio I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by the beautiful countryside and this is where I pick a lot of my flowers for pressing. The landscapes around me and the changing seasons are a huge inspiration. I love spotting the first snowdrop of the year or a cluster of daisies poking their heads through the ground in the depths of winter.

In all of my creations I hope to make something that someone can cherish. Something that will move around the various shelves and corners of a home for years. I love to fill my own space with tiny collected treasures and so I only hope that my creations can serve others in that same way.

Completely self-taught, my business continues to grow, and I cannot wait to see where it all goes this year, and the next, and the next. If you're interested in working with me at all please do get in touch. Thank you, endlessly, for all your kindness and support.